8 comments to “Mingjue Helen Chen’s DCU Women”
  1. I like the looks for them all. They’re everyday looks, yet I could see them doing their hero/villain thing in all of them. Great job!!

  2. Wow, these are nice! The artwork is excellent. Normally I’m not a fan of superheroes in jackets, but Batgirl, Catwoman, and Supergirl all look great and appropriate. I’m not sure if the exposed midriff is necessary for all of these, but it doesn’t feel overly sexual. The only one I’m not wild about is Wonder Woman. She fits in with the rest, but as a stand alone design, it’s a little too plain for Diana. Also, the golden bracelets are just wrong. Her hair is perfect though, along with all the others. I love Supergirl’s ponytail and Barbara’s darker hair.

  3. Yes. I have to say, these are fantastic. Some of the best redesigns I’ve seen on this site. They’re modern, urban, realistic and still Iconic. Love them.

    Well done. :)

  4. I loved these! I think that Barbara/Batgirl needs here own animated series right now. I also love the fact that Wonder Woman is not a standard Caucasian. Great way to get a bit of diversity into the heavy hitters. She is from a tropical island culture….

  5. There is nothing about these costume designs that I don’t like. I think this would be a very good direction for these characters.

  6. love, love, love all these. great art, great designs. I can’t understand why DC doesn’t use the “thrillkiller” style mask for Barbara more often.

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