15 comments to “Chris Schweizer’s Pulp-Era Avengers”
  1. I think that last one is Loki not Dr. Strange. I can imagine a cross over with Tintin.

  2. Personally I’m not a fan of his style but these rock. Except Thor, that one needs some work IMO. Quicksilver as a stunt rider is the best thing ever.

  3. Nice style and designs all around. The one change I’d make is that Captain America should be a soldier or more a man of adventure instead of a playboy type.

  4. You’ve got “Doctor Strange” tagged here, but I’m pretty sure that last character is Loki. The green & yellow, the yellow cape, the horns on the hat, etc.

  5. These are splendid! They recall the era without veering into some of the worse traps of ‘period’ takes(forcing characters into outfits that somehow mimic their real costumes, rather than reflecting them), have a loose and cartoony style without being unrecognizable, and it has the most Popeye Thor ever!

    Marvelous work, Mr. Schweizer!

  6. These are all awesome (Except for Thor. Sorry, I agree with Neil), but Black Panther and Hawkeye are my favorites.

  7. I very much like these redesigns as the artist truly does understand the art style and mentality of a very pre-golden age era

    Although there is an overabundance of firearms, I truly cannot complain as that’d be the norm for costumed crime-fighters back then

    My only real complaint is that Ant-Man is a bit too small, which I totally get for what the artist was trying to go for, and that Wasp lacked a sense of personality and could have been Falcon if the skin color was a bit darker

    But Vision totally makes up for all of my complaint. He just looks cool

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