10 comments to “Jamie McKelvie’s Iron Man”
  1. Very good Ironman! It would look good with the gold as well as this silver version… it is nice and smooth, the problem with the actual Marvel designs these days is that they complicate him too much, to the point where it makes your eyes tired just looking at him.

  2. It’s a solid, streamlined redesign, love the collar, LOVE it. The colours really pop, too.

  3. I think I’m actually starting to prefer the silver & red to the gold & red. It feels more like IRON Man.

  4. I like the overall design a lot, but it needs to be bulkier and the texture needs to feel more metallic. As it is right now it’s more Spandex Man than Iron Man. But the design itself is both functional and beautiful.

  5. i love it! in the right lighting, it could look even better. i also love the honeycomb mesh-like undersuit, makes the whole thing look more sleek and maneuverable

  6. I’m definitely getting an Ultraman vibe from this design, which I love. Very space-age. Great work.

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