Project: Rooftop Presents Man of Steel v. Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice and the American Way

Warner Bros. has released an image of Superman, Last Sad of Krypton, as he’ll appear in the upcoming movie every news outlet refuses to call anything besides Batman vs. Superman. I noted a few updates to the single Kryptonian outfit Kal here has, all of which look like minor improvements to me. Obviously, most of us here would be psyched to see the red shorts and a spit curl, with maybe Superman posting an Instagram of himselfie flying around the Earth back in time to retcon the last movie, but all in all, this ain’t a bad update from designer Michael Wilkinson. –Dean

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  1. Sure. I wish they would throw a splash of red around his waist, but this looks good as a version of the last costume.
    Maybe we’re not supposed to ask these questions but:
    Where did this suit come from?
    They went through great lengths to create an alien origin to his outfit, and then blew up everything Kryptonian in the first movie, cutting him off from his past. So where did this suit come from? Sheesh.

  2. Thank god some one else noticed that red stripe in the Winter Soldier. God that annoyed me!
    I like this though, still a good variant superman suit for the series. I hope there is some explanation but all in all they seem to have made it more comic book like which is good.

  3. Great point, but that bugged me too. I need to care less, that would make this a non-problem.
    I personally wish they could somehow walk back the obliteration of all krypton in Clark’s life. Not having the FoS or anything else obliterates a bunch of the romance of Superman.

  4. I have to say, I COMPLETELY approved of the decision to fix the one thing driving me crazy about Cap’s WWII costume and not mention it at all. Most people don’t notice this stuff. Which is, of course, why I make diagrams.

  5. I would honestly prefer if they didn’t explain the suit changes. They were done just to improve upon some things at the production level and they aren’t large enough to illicit a story line reason, like the dark knight’s new suit or new constantly changing iron man marks did. What would be cool is a flashback montage of him saving the city countless times to provide a story line reason for how insanely jacked he’s gotten.

  6. There’s an obvious explanation for Cap’s costume: they obviously couldn’t use Cap’s actual costume, so they must have used a backup costume, possibly one from the time when he was touring.

    So where’s my No-Prize?

  7. The Winter Soldier outfit in the Smithsonian was probably a recreation or secondary costume since his first one was lost with cap. Note there was also a Bucky costume but that uniform was also lost. Hence minor changes to the uniforms easily explained in universe.

    As for this one… uhm… I’m pretty sure they just assume no one will notice and don’t care. I still find the whole uniform too dark. I’ve never liked Zach Snyder as a film maker, however, so I’m biased.

  8. Reasonable! Though his touring costume was totally different, I could see them getting a detail like that wrong in a recreation. Though, it totally could be his original costume, from when he was thawed out after he was awoken in the 21st Century.

  9. If you read The Art of CA: TWS book, you find out that the production team’s explanation for this was that we’d only seen a portion of his mission and that he might have had different costumes on some other missions.

  10. Dude, I’m a teacher and I was pointing out captian america’s middle strip (no pun intended) to a couple of unimpressed students just after a Winter soldier came out.

    I thought it totally undermined the clever design solution of the strips as support straps from the first movie.

  11. Eh. It was fine. I liked his fake touring suit more than the final one. I agree it’s a clever idea, but adding the middle stripe back in to make him look, you know, like Captain America, is perfectly fine.

  12. What if the events of The Avengers pre-date the museum exhibit? And, in restoring an old Cap uniform for the exhibit they also use photos form his Avenger’s uniform as a reference? That could also explain them getting that detail wrong. But I mostly just assumed he had multiple uniforms in WWII with slight variations and this one had a center stripe.

  13. I can’t tell if the suit is still way too dark or if it’s just the weather. It looks like he’s on a rooftop in Gotham anyway, so it may not matter if a large portion of the movie is spent there. It’s always dark in Gotham. I like his boots with the double-M’s.

  14. LOVE IT!! He even looks bigger and more like Superman!! I just want my S curl!!

    Now bring on Wonder Woman and Aquaman!!

    P.S. Aquaman (Atlantean look should be a cross between the Injustice Atlantean look and a bit of the “Fathom” coral armor)

  15. I still think this needs more red. Either at the wrists or waist. The high boots with everything but the cape being dark blue just feels wrong

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