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The news is newness. Marvel’s taking Mjolnir away from regular Thor and christening a new hammer-wielding, female Thor. Now, I’m all about the creative team for this, writer Jason Aaron and P:R Pal Russell Dauterman–heck I’m even a fan of editor Wil Moss–and I obviously dig the idea of a new, female, legacy character in the main Avengers lineup, but while this art is extra dope with boss on the side, the redesign really isn’t hitting for me.


Gonna give it a day or so to sink in, maybe let some more promo art drop, before I judge too harshly. But the shiny boob-armor and the pointed mask-helmet are weirding me out for today at least. I’m guessing this new look designed by super talented illustrator Esad Ribic, but I don’t really know because of the lack of credits in the announcement. Looking a good deal more badass, though, is Thor Classic, post-unworthying, below. Kind of a 90s Aquaman vibe, but in a good way? IS there a good way? I don’t know, but I dig it. –Dean


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  1. I’d really like to see that top picture done in a different art style before I judge her design. As of right now, it just seems bland; nothing about this look really pops out or makes me excited to know her story. Thor-Classic is definitely giving off that 90’s vibe, but for me there isn’t a good way for that.

  2. I find the helmet intriguing – why are her features hidden? Is she someone known?

    I like the one arm glove/gauntlet, but I don’t care for the rest of the body.

  3. On the one hand, she actually has abdominal articulation, unlike the “functional” armor a lot of people shove women into when pretending to be original. On the other, the lack of metal anywhere below the ribcage makes the entire thing incredibly top heavy.

  4. I’ve said all I have to say about this in relation to the story on my tumblr (love the idea), this is the first proper look I’ve had at the designs. Dude Thor leaves a lot to be desired but I’m digging the Destroyer arm.

    As for Thor with Mjolnir, love it. It’s got an Eric Masterson vibe to it. I think she is Jane Foster myself.

    Very excited about this.

  5. I like it. The helmet, boob armour and bare arms scream “mighty” to me. I like that she is voluptuous and muscular, thumbs up for sure.

  6. Aside from the look, what I’m a little confused on is that unlike Captain America or Hawkeye, I thought Thor was his name, not his callsign, that and the idea that whoever holds the hammer has the power of Thor, not the name.

  7. Thor IS his name. His name is Thor Odinson. However, with this new female Thor, Marvel has decided that it’s also a title that can be taken on by others. None of the other “worthy” people who wielded Mjolnir took on the name, but this one is. Maybe they’ll explain why that is the case in-universe, or maybe not, but it’s definitely a change. I can deal with it, I guess. Maybe this new Thor doesn’t realize that it was his name and just took on the name “Thor” when she earned his powers through being worthy to use the hammer?

    Anyway, I like it. All of it. Even the new look for the original Thor. In fact, that might be my favorite part. It’s a good fit for him.

    ps I take back what I said before. The original version of Thor was just a human dude named Donald Blake who took the name “Thor” when he found Mjolnir and was imbued with the power of Thor. So there was a dude who took the name of Thor. He wasn’t the actual Norse god. Except later they decided that he WAS the Norse god all along except he had forgotten it in part of Odin’s ploy to teach him humility. Or maybe Blake TRANSFORMED into actual-god Thor and lost control of his own body? And then later they made Donald Blake into his own separate identity? I dunno, I don’t get it.

  8. I like this idea a lot. It doesn’t feel like a shameless attempt to turn a hero into a woman because it opens up an interesting story for the original Thor as well. I will definitely be reading this and after how good God of Thunder has been I know this will be great.

    The design though…I don’t know. They are sort of behind an eight ball with this character since there is technically already a fem!Thor, namely Valkyrie.

    You don’t want the design to be to similar to her’s which is basically Thor’s set to a woman’s body.

    The helmet I’m not digging. I don’t get the need to cover her face and its sort of smooth design looks almost alien head. The boob armor is also confusing. The lack of any real detail makes it just really shiny boobs. And why armor only one small part of your body?

    The midriff keyhole is odd but not something I will be worried about. I don’t mind if a female character has some sexuality to her design as long as it fits her character/personality (white queen) and isn’t just for the sake of more boobs (power girl). If this fits the character of fem!Thor then I’m ok with it.

    I like the lower half of her body and the one arm sleeve sort of thing. I don’t really see the need for armor on her since Thor never really wore any except for that mosaic style armor on his arms and legs.

    Hopefully the artist of the book can make this outfit work, but right now she looks like a background character in a Frazetti piece.

    New Thor looks pretty awesome. I was a huge fan of Ribic’s All Father Thor design and I really dig that destroyer arm.

  9. not sure if this has been addressed or not, but does male Thor have a metal arm now? based on this picture and the one in the article about the new Cap, he kinda looks like hes got a prosthetic not unlike Bucky on his left arm. Maybe that’s why he becomes unworthy?

  10. They explain these developments in the Thor: God of Thunder comic.

    Basic premise of the comic is that the story revolves around Thor during three different time periods. The Thor you see with the giant axe and the Destroyer arm is the current Thor. His costume is a combination of the one his younger self wears (also known as Viking Thor). The Destroyer arm alludes to what he will look like in the future (known as King Thor).

    As far as the new Thor. The breastplate would be an awful idea simply because it seems like it could be easily sundered, and rendered useless, pretty easily. Of course since Thor is relatively impervious it might not matter. It also might be made of some special material.

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