The New Captain America

Guys. GUYS. As announced on The Colbert Report and predicted for a good while by keen-eyed Captain America readers, Sam Wilson, AKA The Falcon, is taking over the star-spangled mantle of his frequent partner, with this new look, [drawn] by Marvel artist (and classic Project: Rooftop contributor), Stuart Immonen[Update: And designed by series artist Carlos Pacheco!] Following Anthony Mackie’s spectacular performance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this certainly bodes well for both the future of the Marvel Universe AND the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


We first got a glimpse of this change in the above image by Jim Cheung, showing a glimpse into the future of the Marvel U. Needless to say, I’m in love with the redesign. It’s a pitch perfect amalgamation of Falcon and Captain America, heavy on the Cap, utilizing a modified version of the encircled star emblem of the Super Soldier uniform Cap’s Winter Soldier film costume was based upon, radiating Falcon-style winged lines conforming to Falcon’s white mask with red, circular googles. I was kind of hoping for red and white striped wings, but it’s just lovely, so consider next week’s Fan-Art Friday ANNOUNCED. I’ve got so many happy thoughts about this, I think I could fly right alongside this dude.

The announcement also came with a joke cover of Steven Colbert as FalCap, by Rooftop Regular and Marvel Makeover Maestro, Kris Anka! –Dean

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly posted this new image from Avengers NOW!, offering a better look at the new Cap and Thor costumes, the new Superior Iron Man, and some more hints at things to come:


UPDATE 2: Here’s the character redesign sketch by artist Carlos Pacheco!


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11 comments to “The New Captain America”
  1. I agree with your assessment: I love how they combined the different outfits of Cap’s traditional red and white stripes, his Super Soldier star logo, and Falcon’s wings and mask. It’s very seemless and not weirdly cobbled together.

  2. i like the new look, i think the only thing that seems off is there’s no A anywhere. i would have tried to fit it with Cap’s cowl, but Falcon’s goggles, or at the very least on the belt. i still like it, just feels weird without the big A somewhere

  3. Very nice! I’m so glad they didn’t get rid of the wings. I also like both of those group Avengers shots, especially the one with Unworthy Thor and Donald Blake. Also really liking the shake up of the Big Three.

  4. I was looking for Cap in the Avengers image, and I got stuck staring at Not-Thor.

    What’s his battlecry, “I don’t know how to use this axe!” as nobody ever gets struck by it. I mean that’s a dismembering weapon if I’ve ever seen one….

  5. My only criticism would be that the belt buckle feels weird to me. I think I’d prefer a more conventional looking square buckle.

    Other than that, a very cool design. I’m curious what story elements will propel this change.

  6. Sam Wilson Cap looks even more patriotic than Steve Rogers ever has, and it has everything to do with those wings. Superior Iron Man looks so generic and bland. I’m surprised they couldn’t find a way to more radically alter his image.

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