DC by Hamish Ridley-Steele

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{1: Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman 2: Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, Raven, Cyborg 3: Aquaman, Flash, Catwoman 4: Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Zatanna 5: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn}

Well, after what feels like a decade at least, we are back with some new projects to rooftop. Today, I present a sample of the DC Universe by, the killer talent, Hamish Ridley-Steele! Hamish brings his great cartooning sensibilities to what ends up being a nice variety pack of heroes and villains. Hammish’s redesigns contrast greatly from their original designs, for example Superman’s decorative costume, Flash’s highly athletic suit or Black Canary’s tactical suit. Hamish has even shipped together Harley and Ivy in the bottom redesign for an added bonus. These designs really overload on style points, and for that I’m proud to bring you our first post in forever! –Patrick 

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  1. Glad to have you back, and with an excellent post to boot! All of these designs are extremely appealing, but I think the stand outs for me are Zatanna and Cyborg. A showman’s cape suits Zatanna so well that it seems crazy it hasn’t been used more. And this version of Cyborg is easily iconic, with a pared down design that still rings true to his character. I would love to see these designs in an official capacity!

  2. What I really like about these is that it’s clear the artist drew inspiration from multiple sources, then added his own spin on the designs.

    Wonder Woman- Her outfit seems a tad dated, but it’s tough to strike a balance between modern superheroine and ancient Greek attire. I LOVE her boots!

    Superman- For a guy who gets his powers from the sun, Kal sure is looking pale. I’m afraid he looks more like Bizarro to me. I’ve always liked the short sleeves on Superman though, so props for that.

    Batman- It seems this outfit would be appropriate for any decade of Detective Comics. It’s not too dark and overly serious, but he still looks like he could take care of business. Batman’s typical, bright yellow utility belt has always seemed somewhat out of place to me, so I like that the artist added more color to the rest of the outfit and toned down the belt.

    Teen Titans- Starfire looks pretty generic but not DTF everyone on the team, and these days that’s good enough for me. Beast Boy’s facial expression seems more pained than what I believe the artist was going for and his outfit is also pretty generic. I kind of dig the red mask with a “beak” on Robin, but not a lot else. I HATE superhero costumes with one long sleeve and one short, and the straps across his stomach instead of his chest just looks awkward. Raven is suitably creepy, and Cyborg is not too clunky and not too sleek.

    Aquaman- Obviously Momoa inspired. The dark hair isn’t doing it for me here, especially not the porn stache.

    Flash- Sorry, but I HATE when people add an ‘F’ emblem somewhere on Flash’s costume. It’s entirely unnecessary, and this costume would look 10x better without it. Because his powers are speed-based, I think it’s important not to get too crazy with his boots, and unfortunately these just seem impractical. Everything else is good though, and I like the color choices.

    Catwoman- I REALLY wish the artist had made her lenses green. That’s the only thing I would change.

    Black Canary- This costume is fairly bland and really doesn’t work for me, but I LOVE the hairstyle.

    Hawkgirl- It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on with a lot of her costume in this art style. How is that helmet staying on? Does she have hair? Are those scars or tattoos on her arms? What’s going on with those shin guard thingies? All of that aside, she’s full of attitude and that’s great.

    Zatanna- Less is always more with Zatanna, and I’m happy to see the artist didn’t take too many liberties with her costume. The change of race is an interesting choice.

    Ivy and Harley- Poison Ivy has rarely looked better. The leaves and thorns growing on her skin, the petals falling from her hair, the vines…okay the vines are a little creepy, but she still looks gorgeous! I’m not sure if Harley is a big woman or transgender or what, but it really doesn’t matter, because these two look great together. Well done!

    Patrick, please, please, PLEASE, keep the posts coming! For years, new posts on P:R have often been the highlight of my week, and this past year or so has been kind of a bummer. Are Dean and the others still involved or did I miss something about their departure? I have always appreciated and love what you guys do. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be checking back again soon!

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