Cully Hamner’s The Signal

Over at The Nerdist, they’ve got a good look at Duke Thomas’s new codename and costume as Batman’s ally, The Signal, designed by one of my favorite comics artists and superhero costume designers, Cully Hamner, whose Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle redesign is one of the strongest reimaginings of a classic character in recent memory. I’m *really* digging Duke’s new look, and the codename is slick. That helmet is just awesome. I need a replica ASAP. Great work here, especially when you notice all the little details, like the boot’s bat-shapes. And the symbolism of a Batman Family character shining as a light in the night is always a personal fave.Dean Trippe 

Nerdist-DC-Comics-Batman-Signal-Design-Cully-Hamner-Exclusive-1024x683Head over to The Nerdist for more on this radness. -D.T.

3 comments to “Cully Hamner’s The Signal”
  1. I like it. It’s got some interesting things going on, but it’s not so busy that a kid couldn’t draw it themselves. In the modern era, there really isn’t any attention drawn to the younger readers who’d want to draw it at home. or pretend to be them in costume, A+

  2. Great to see an update after so long!

    Have been visiting the Rooftop for a number of years (long time lurker, first time poster) so it’s great to see a new post.

    Long may it continue!

  3. I too dig the name. I wish the yellow and black were inverted though; it’s just too bright for me to get totally behind. I’m sure it’s supposed to be given his name…just personal preference.

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