The Something Terrible Podcast features stories of childhood abuse, sexual violence, and ongoing recovery from survivors, allies, and activists.

I launched this show to help other people affected by sexual violence tell their stories: what happened to them, what happened to their attackers, who had their backs, what helped them through it, and how it affects them now.

The hope of this show is that it helps counter the still-pervasive and thoroughly discredited myths about both perpetrators and victims of childhood abuse, by taking a hard look at the repeated failings of the justice system to take meaningful action against rapists, offering occasional thoughts on the cases getting fleeting attention on social media, and putting a spotlight those working on behalf of survivors.

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somethingterriblepodcast4Something Terrible is hosted and narrated by Dean Trippe. The Something Terrible logo was designed by Hannah Nance Partlow, and the music in this episode is by grapes.